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Our Vision and Values

HOPE Vision HOPE Vision:

Our vision is everyone having access to effective evidenced based self-management support resources. We aim to educate, inform, inspire and make a difference in the world by improving others’ quality of life and confidence to achieve their goals.

We take a person centred approach to the development, delivery and evaluation of innovative group, on-line and app based resources, all of which are based on scientific research and knowledge.

While our passion is research we  never lose sight that analysis must lead to action if it is to be useful and meaningful to people. 



HOPE Values:

Strengths Focused: We improve quality of life by focusing on a persons strengths

Research Driven: We develop HOPE resources which are based on scientific research

Innovative: We develop creative self-management resources

Share: We share our knowledge and expertise with everyone

Passion: We are committed to making a difference