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Mindfulness raisin exercise Raisin 

In our minds we balance both positive and negative thoughts and feelings. At times these negative thoughts and feelings come to the forefront and it can be difficult to shake these off. This can lead to periods of low mood which result in the downward spiral of negative emotions. Mindfulness is a tool we can use to help us to ‘de-fuse’ from these negative thoughts and feelings so that instead of being overwhelmed by them, we are better able to manage them. 

Essentially mindfulness practise, is about focusing fully on the present moment, but in a particular way. Mindfulness has a positive impact in pain management, stress management, anxiety and depression.

Watch the video below for more insight in to the benefits of Mindfulness.

Click on the video link below to try our simple, quick mindfulness exercise, which could help you to feel more calm, happier and  less stressed.  Approach this exercise with an open mind and just start to notice any thoughts and feelings which emerge. In this exercise you should try to focus on the present moment experience in a mindful way. You will be guided  through the stages of seeing,touching, scent and taste, so try not to jump ahead.

So grab yourself a raisin, or a piece of fruit if you haven't bought any raisins since 1976, and get started!

Mindfulness exercise: Three minute breathing space 
This exercise is particularly useful at those times when you are feeling under pressure or overwhelmed by difficult or negative emotions. These are just the times when mindfulness can be really helpful. But they are often the times when you can’t seem to focus or think constructively or objectively and when you are likely to lapse into your old ways of thinking or behaving. 
This ‘mini-meditation’, can fit into everyday life. It’s quick and straightforward to do. But you do need to remember to put it into practice at times of stress.