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Gratitude Diary


Gratitude DiaryHOPE research has shown that people who practice gratitude report fewer health complaints, feel more attentive, energetic, determined, satisfied with life, more optimistic and are more likely to build relationships with others and are able to cope better with adversity. 





Let’s see how this technique can work for us.We would like you to begin a daily “Gratitude Diary” where you will log the things you feel grateful for and the positive emotions you feel about them.


We have provided you with a diary which you can download and print by clicking the following link  Gratitude Diary


If you don’t want to download you can use what ever you want as long as you write down your thoughts and feelings.


Gratitude fridgeAs you can see to the left some people use post it notes and put them on their fridge doors!! 


You will also see how simple some of the things people are grateful for are. It doesn't matter if you can’t think of anything to be grateful for right now. This may be difficult as we have become used to focusing our attention on the negative things in our lives. Discussing this with your friends and family then try again tomorrow.