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Multiple Sclerosis









This has been the last of the HOPE Group meetings at  Marchant Road based on life and coping with MS run by Coventry University and organised by our support officer – Karen Robertson. It has been very informative and extremely helpful, especially good has been the feeling of togetherness amongst the group and being able to share our problems AND SOLUTIONS! Nina and Vicky – the course tutors who also have MS have led us through many helpful suggestions and problem solving ideas – BRILLIANT.

We learnt how to think so much more positively about our feelings for MS – how to turn our negative thoughts into positive ones, how to communicate better with people, how to deal with problems caused by stress/depression/arguments and illness by talking/relaxing/diet/exercise/breathing exercises and especially how to say NO thus taking back some control over our own lives. We set ourselves a goal each week, and achieving it gave a good feeling of successes! In fact there were so many ways to help ourselves instead of relying on others and we gave each other lots of helpful suggestion in how to cope!

If the opportunity arises for anyone to take part in a similar course at any time I would heartily recommend joining in. It has been a really worthwhile and helpful experience. My thanks to all concerned.